Work OrderCustomerDateDescription
16206Greenfield7/8/2020power outage
16207Murray Group7/8/2020Murphy asphalt monitor hydro one power
16208Twp of Wellington North7/8/2020Well 8 Arthur
16209St Mary School7/8/2020pole light and wallpacks
16210Randy Dryburgh7/8/2020ceiling fan laundry light
16211Chalmers Fuels7/8/2020Teviotdale power gates
16200Tom Shupe7/6/2020plow gas line
16201Spring Valley Park7/6/2020Site 82 breaker
16202Chalmers Fuels7/6/2020Civacon fuel rack problem
16203Silent Valley Park7/6/2020Lot 2 display trailer
16204Dan Lock7/6/2020Silent Valley 234 switch & keyless
16205Ralph Booth7/6/2020heater fan switches
16199Andy Needham7/1/2020outside plug
16188BWDSB6/29/2020Highpoint School ltg
16189BWDSB6/29/2020Lucknow School ltg
16191Silent Valley6/29/2020Site 41 & 42 ug cable
16192EC King6/29/2020Durham 2 lights in room beside boiler
16193Murray Group6/29/2020Murphy pit office trailer
16194Murray Group6/29/2020Moorefield office trailer
16195Ideal Supply6/29/2020outside lights
16196Spring Valley6/29/2020high voltage fuse holder
16197Canadian Flat Roof6/29/2020truck 5
16185UGDSB6/26/2020Centennial CVI
16186Johns Towing6/26/2020wire hoist
16187Mun of Arran- Elederslie6/26/2020new VFD on well 3 Chesley
16181Waste Mangement6/25/2020transfer station ov door
16182Mun of Arran Elderslie6/25/2020Chesley radios not working
16183Murray Markle6/25/2020change service
16175Lewis Farms6/16/2020elevator altrations
16171Murray Group6/15/2020Elora AP wire for burner safety switch
16173Lewis Farm6/15/2020Lewis & Erwine's
16167Murrray Group6/9/2020Murphy pit asphalt bag house sppeed switch
16163Twp of Southgate6/8/2020Cell 2 backwash
16158Troy Mason6/2/2020dcek lights plugs fan
16159Maejory Lomas6/2/2020bathroom baseboard
16152Greg Mason5/29/2020wire a/c
16151Murray Group5/28/2020MF washplant sand screw overload
16149Murray Group5/25/2020Elora asphault hot oil heater
16145EC King5/21/2020slag auger
16146Dave's Auto Body5/21/2020poleline & service
16124Greatario4/9/2020Tottenham HVAC
16115Greenfield3/19/2020Auto dialer problems
16136Jim Frew3/19/2020panel problem
16103Mun of West Grey3/2/2020inspections
16100Conestoga mechanical2/27/2020Laurelwoods School
16092Mun of Aaron Elderslie2/18/2020Chesley Pailsey radios
16064Canadian Flat Roof1/16/2020trailer
16048Allen-Hastings12/20/2019Neustadt Pumphouse 1 upgrades
16047Mun of Arran-Elderslie12/19/2019Chesley Kaesar blower unit
16025TD Smith11/21/2019Oakville site
15855H Bye Construction6/13/2019Strng Court Apartments
500DS-ShopYard Work
600DS-ShopUnbilled Warranty