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sdsWork Orders
Work OrderCustomerDateDescription
17399EC King Concrete2023-09-07new bin vibrator
17396Mun of West Grey2023-09-06bridge photocell and light
17397Marlin Herriot2023-09-06outside lights
17398Chalmers2023-09-06Teviotdale clear diesel rack
17390Silent Valley2023-09-05Site 130 V box & breaker
17391Lewis Land & Stock2023-09-05Forsyth house reno
17392Lewis Land & Stock2023-09-05Omac barn reno
17393Lewis Land & Stock2023-09-05Eweville bank barn lights
17394EC King2023-09-05Moorefield lights disc coverall heaters etc
17386Lewis Farms2023-09-01Forsythe air compressor house lights
17387Lewis Farms2023-09-01potatoe conveyor
17388Miller Aggregates2023-09-01Murphy Pit scalehouse heat
17384Roberts Farm Equipment2023-08-28outside lights
17385Miller Group2023-08-28Murphy count lights
17380Caley Grain2023-08-22poleline
17376Mun of Aaron Elderslie2023-08-21Ross new overloads
17377Spring Valley Park2023-08-21cottage demo
17378EC King2023-08-21Collingwood tank blower
17374Spring Valley Park2023-08-15Tamarack 17 post & plug
17371Mun of Aaron Elderslie2023-08-14Tara and Chesley louvres
17366Mun of West Grey2023-08-09transfer switch neustadt
17358Greatario2023-08-01Cami spare parts
17355HolM Potatle2023-07-31irrigation pump
17346Spring Valley2023-07-26Tamarak 96 fountain & golf cart charger
17344Lewis Land & Stock2023-07-21Omac waterbowl
17337Waste Management2023-07-13stall 4 & 7 lights
17330Bill Littlechild2023-07-05line for pool pump and heater
17323EC King Contracting2023-06-28Asphault Plant thermoscan
17311TD Smith2023-06-21Oakville high temp floats and thermocouples
17306Jeanean Mousseau2023-06-12mast and meterbase
17303John Manion2023-06-09power problems
17273Bender Millwriting2023-05-17ESA special inspection
17271Bombardier2023-05-11annual maintenance
17264Mun of West Grey2023-05-05d/r Well 1 Neustadt
17248EC King Contracting2023-04-25Murphy Seacans / storage
17236Mun of West Grey2023-04-12ATS at office
17228Wellington Condo Corp2023-04-10elevator
17204Mun of West Grey2023-03-10Durham SPS transducer
17162Lewis Land & Stock2023-02-03Eweville water bowls
17163Lewis Land & Stock2023-02-03Omac renovations
17130Greatario2022-12-15THLC 2023
17123Garrett Bender2022-12-13welding shop
17125Waste Management2022-12-13truck shop block heater plugs
17112Youngs Home Hardware2022-11-30paint and power aisle move
17033Greatario2022-10-04Port Lambton